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Munnar - The Ecstacy World

It has been a long time since I keyed down something in my blog,so I thought the time hascome to load one.

Munnar,the nature's birth place I can say,the greenaries around made us feel light.This link is the place where we can share our experience,we were 11 in number, 7 guys started from Chennai and3 from Bangalore, yeah this is a kind of get togather we often do.Why we chose Munnar is because Sivabalan is already exposed to most of the places and his Uncle can guide us to many part ofMunnar.

Madurai,the Temple City was our meeting place we met @ sivabalan's residence.The day had another speciality where they named sivabalan's niece-Shamhitha in a temple near-by, we were also there to grace the occasion ;) (Actually we went there to have pongal prasad).Then we started from there to Cumbum in a van.New flashes..marked the beginning of the new trip..

Cumbum,in the foothills of Munnar,a jeep was waiting for us in the Reliance Petrol bunk and we were waiting for another jeep.we guys will not waste time, by that time the other jeep came we had almost 15 tender coconuts to beat the heat.So the jeep came we were seperated into two groups, one trying to catch other in the hairpin bends that really made usto have our hearts in our mouths.

Nedungandam,the place where they grow many commos (Rice,Tea,cardomom etc.,in a single placethat is preety unusual) We had our so called lunch there.But the disappointment was the placewhere they grow tea,tea was filth and we were not able to drink that.Then our journey started to Parathodu.

Parathodu,the place of cardomom estates.Though we are not agriculture students, we listenedto the processing of cardomom with great interest.Nandagopal started capturing nature for everybody's desktop.By the time we completed everything,it turned dark.So it is time to takerest.We reached Munnar and there came Mr.Ajeesh from Kerela Tourism Dept., a different character to meet.

Munnar Home, the cottage where we stayed.Night climate was a bit cold,we had CD-player and some CDs...then what it is entertainment time..[Censored]..."Dei,Nalaiku seekaram poganumda" asusual Sivabalan started as though he is the official guide and got nicely since he disturbed the guys.. lol.. It was a nice place to stay and we had a nice time there..Thank you Natesh for being the source of entertainment.Dinner time-Huh..what a way to have our dinner the owner of that hotel was drunk, he started making things after taking the order, Muru, as a treasurer had a tough time managingthese kinda owners and sometimes our guys who ate everywhere and he was not able to keep track of the expenses,but he managed to do his job well...Welldone Muru..

Next day,[Opening la pani...thats what we thought..but Munnar was not that cold..]we had our Coffee,teaetc.,Jeep started...then asusual.."Dei pasikudhu da..anna nalla hotela pathu niruthunganna" 2 voices from back of the jeep..."dei inga polam da..anga polam da" 2 guys infront with a printout..but a soul,nevermindedthe things happening around...was sleeping!!!! it was is all because of the belief hehad on us..."Pasanga kootitu poiduvanganu"..He got nicely from me and nut on the second day..

Rajamala,The place of Rain deer which is available here and in Brazil.."Nammalla Brazillam poga mudiyadhu ingaye pakalam" Muru sounded pessimistic..So we got I said before we cant waste our time,as our legs waited inthe queue, a war started b/n our hands and our mouth...cut mango with chilli powder..Wow!! Nanda was having Corn..Nanda and some others went into the queue illegally and got nicely from Former Principal of Guindy Engg Coll.[We cant forget the SUPER!! for our life time].Nothing special was there..some snaps and video..thats it...Hmmm..then what to do..All guys had a great sense to smell..the smelled the canteen on the back side and started drinking masala tea etc.,etc., "Dei Bus da!!" one guy shouted.."Adutha bus la poiklam da" a spontaneous reply..[Bus was the only medium of transport from bottom to top]

The next target was Mattupatty boating,we stopped our jeep there..Roasted corns beckoned me and Natesh...we went thereto our surprise all our gang was standing there..I think it called all our went inside to buy ticket.To our disappointment it was closed for lunch and we have to wait for an hour.So we thought we can go to Echo point near by.
We started to Echo Point..They had cut down all trees so no echo..we were still disappointed..K..Lets buy gift for "The Guide" [not the R.K.Narayan's story a original guide].By that time we were doing a search, Balaji and Shanmugam started trading in a Bajji shop.We all got tensed and we shouted at them for not calling us..So the trading continued for 50 Bajjis.Since there was no echo there we started calling it "Bajji Point". Muru had a hectic time there.

While returning we saw lotta Lawns.."Niruthunga da..poi velayadalam"-Natesh got excited. We got down,ran jumped,kicked others gave pose to snaps..Natesh and Karthikeyan were practising the Pattiyal fight "Huh-ah...Huh-ah"... "Hey poiko..poiko.." sound from back.."Yevanda adhu.."-chorus.. Security was shouting with a long stick {don't mistake it was a wooden stick}..[That was a shooting spot not open for public]

So we were back to boating, so we got seperated into 3 groups and entered the boat.Huh!!!twists and turns made me to see my great grand parents,Naradha etc.,Got down...Life came back..I pinched myself to realise the present.

Driver annas told about a falls nearby,we went there to see a ferocious falls,What a force!! we can't stand in the running water..But we managed to climb up not in water but using some rocks,we were able to show a glimpse of our ancesstors to others.Many of us came back soon..Suddenly a roar..a guy from another group got struk in the stream and was not able to come out..all gals and guys from his group were trying to save him..Natesh and JP walked slowly.."Dei enada..Kaapathuveenganupatha poitananu pakara madhiri poreenga" we shouted from here..But we came to know that they went to see the gals standing around..-Pasanga Kariyathula kuriya

From there to View point..but we dint get any view from there..becos it was it is time for dinner- Pasangaluku evalo kushi...Kerela is famous for its tourism but the food was too bad..Guys started purchasing tea and chocolates..then we came back to our nest...for the second night stay...

"Saaami Kai 2 days in next blog..Dont miss the excitement we had with Mr.Ajeesh on next couple of days"
See you..........Excitement continues


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