Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Munnar - Fun Continues..

I think you all were able to visualise what we had on the first two days of the trip..So here comes the 2nd part of the trip

...Next day morning, Our stay in the cottage got over and we packed all our stuffs and dumped in one of the jeep and dumped ourselves in another.First place we reached was the place where KOVIL film was shot.Guys were excited especially our "SIMBU" [The reason for this name in the climax of the trip].Everyone was climbing the rocks and all P.C.Srirams started to show their ability with the cameras."Dei adha eduda..edha eduda.." some gave suggestions.Some were busy watering the shrubs on side of the road.

The next location was the ultimate point till then,"Sadhuranga Parai", the point which is used to smuggle cardomom from Kerala to TN.The way we travelled to this was really a cycle track road that made Sivaprakash to disturb the environment with all the three states of matter which he further disposed after reaching the place with the help of aquafina.It is around 6K feet above the sea level.The view of the fields around was like something from a flight.So we all were witnessing the nature's immaculate beauty..juz two eyes were not enough..By this our independent journey in munnar came to an end.Now we are gonna get surrendered to Mr.Ajeesh who promised for surprises in next two days.

Ramakkalmedu,it is said Lord Rama visited this place when he was in his vanavasa..[I think Rama have not visited any plane surface..chumma malai malai ya yeri uyira vaanguraru pa saami]..we walked sorry climbed around 1K distance..I forgot the main thing..our guys will always forsee the things that is gonna happen so we already got a full bunch of banana..50 buks..then nuts,biscuits etc., Here Mr.Ajeesh took us to point in the mountain for which we have to walk on the edge."If you slip, then its the time for u to decide ver to go, either hell or heaven...there wont be any remains of u. Directly sami will take you" kinda path.But everyone managed to reach that point where we sang, had majaa.After coming out again we climbed another 200 mts to reach a point beteen two rocks on climbing that we were able to see Madurai,Theni and many places in and around.It is actually the border b/n TN and Kerela.

So we were tired after the first heat itself, Mr.Ajeesh told us he will take us to a Tribal village in Idukki.We accepted "Enathan irukunu papom.." So we all practiced their language "Jumbale..Jumbale.." like soon as we reached the top of the mountain we got a full view of Idukki dam..Wow!!! What a dam!!Wonderful...we were all excited after seeing that but before hearing these words from Mr.Ajeesh ,"3Km Mountainla eranganum then malai will take 3 hrs"..some people died as soon as hearing those words. ShanmugaSundaram planned to sleep in the Jeep itself. But v dint xcuse dat... So our journey inside the forest started... "Hus..Hus.." the breathing sound rocked the sky..atlast we reached there in an hour's our surprise they were not as we expected.wearin normal dress hearing FM..Thank God we dint go inside their houses else they we would still be surprised...walkin quite a distance from their place we reached Idukki dam where we enjoyed by dipping ourselves in the water.
Return journey we cant explain in words...we walked for 2mins and took rest for 5 mins..though we managed to reach top before dark."Dei enada trip idu officela dhan drill na ingayuma.Idu tripae illa da"-Natesh.

Next was the unintended location which served boost for all of us.A house on the way to Kumili,we all got down to ask for water.To our surprise the hospitality was great and left us speechless.They involved us in their christmas celebration and started dancing,singing,gave cake etc., Even the baby there was very happy and wished us for christmas and New Year.

We reached Kumili,found a hotel for our rest so to get ready for next day's Thekkadi boating,to our disappointment we dint get ticket for the day's boating."Huh!!!Indha boatingku ivalo kootama" we thought.So we decided to end our stay in Kerala..we waved our hands and started moving into TamilNadu.Our next destination was Suruli Falls, on the way we saw many Grape fields, aporam ena down and got about 3Kgs of grapes packed in a box..we reached suruli falls..some took bath..Some people hesitated because of the dust and dirt in that water.
So our guys were all in great mood to finish their trip in started with tender-coconut,pine-apple,corn,samosa,Ice cream before making start from suruli.From there we reached a hotel in Cumbum,where we were able to know the meaning for the word hospitality.Full meals..Seri kattu...Then we took rest in the nearby house lobby..avaluthan Mudinjudhu..From there to reliance petrol bunk where we started our jeep journey.where we bid adieu to the driver annas after getting the address for sending them some snaps.

A van came from Madurai to pick us.2 hrs travel to reach sivabalan's house again.where we were reviewing our snaps his Mother commented that in one snap Natesh is looking like "SIMBU" [Thing mentioned in the blog].Yes,thats the end and we had our dinner in a small hotel,left B'lore guys in KPN travels and we came to rly station, where we met "Peikaman" an actor who acted in this character in virumaandi...

We ended our trip with another trip to come back to reality..which actually is screwed up..


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